Childhood Memories research – Julien Coquentin

I did a search online to see other examples and came accross this article about an artist called Julien Coquentin. This series called the dead zone is an interesting study of places he grew up when he was a child. He now calls them dead zones where events of the past seem to stay in the past and now are just memories. He chose a black cube to represent himself for many reasons all of which seem odd but was quoted as saying “The cube does represents the child I was and my history, giving me the opportunity to give back to the past what belongs to the past.” This concept is quite interesting that you can revisit places in your childhood and somehow either through interaction or in this case photography give something back.

Its possible I explore this idea and find an object I think reprsents me in the same way.

A trip through the childhood memories of photographer Julien Coquentin

Published June 28 2016

Accessed April 28 2018


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